About Us

The University system in Nigeria was founded as a government sponsored enterprise and supported largely with grants from Federal and State governments. The charging of tuition fees being proscribed by government policy, universities have had to rely almost entirely on government funding.

In recent decades however, government's ability to provide adequate funding for university has been greatly eroded. The economic downturn resulting from economic mismanagement, the changing world order and globalization, have led to a gradual realization that government will not be able to fully fund its universities.

Having considered means of raising the much-needed funds without recourse to tuition fees, universities have adopted various means which include the establishment of Development/Advancement Offices. The Advancement Office of the University of Ibadan was established in July 2004


University Advancement Centre was established in July 2004 and was saddled with the responsibility of enhancing the University reputation in order to generate extraordinary levels of support for University of Ibadan’s Strategic goals and priorities.

We realized that we can’t handle the task alone; there is a need to build a relationship with University of Ibadan Alumni. For over six decades, the University of Ibadan has helped in the transformation of many Nigerians at various level of education, by giving them the right foundation which enables them compete with their counterparts anywhere in the world, the evidence of this lies in the creativity of our numerous alumni whose outstanding performance can be see both nationally and internationally.

We desire to build a relationship between the alumni and the University thereby providing a platform for our alumni to join our course as we also look into the future with a resolve to sustain the UI legacy of excellence through the realization of the institution’s Vision

There are three key elements to the University structure for Advancement

  • A University Advancement Board (UAB)/Developement Council
  • A Directorate of University Advancement
  • A US based Foundation - The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF)

The UAB, whose members are drawn from all sections of the Nigerian community governs the Centre. It consists of distinguished members who spearhead decisions made by the University leadership on fund raising and stimulates support among corporations, foundations, allumni and other individuals.

Its main goal is to stimulate the programmes of the University by generating resources for the institution. The responsibilities and activities of the council are to publicize the University and its works, acquire major gifts for the institution, assist the institution to meet specific financial needs, assist the Vice-Chancellor in carrying out programmes related to these functions and participate in the life of the Community and surrounding areas.